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5 tips on how to get the best headshot, with headshot expert Johnny Pena.

1 ) Get rest. Don't go out and party the night before. I know it seems obvious but it happens all the time.

2) What is your voice as an actor? What I mean is: are you the star, best friend, mean girl, tough guy, professional or edgy professional, ext.

3) How to get the right wardrobe?

Pick 5 tv shows you would like to book in the next year.

Watch the shows and find the co star or guest star character type you could book and then look at the wardrobe they are wearing. Go to your closet and pull something similar. The more specific you are the more casting gets your type. Why is this important? It is important because you will be called in for your right role for you.

4) It is all about the eyes. What does that mean? Well the saying goes ( The eyes are the window to the sole) casting directors cast the essence of the character. So if you are present and give us the true you and your essence then you get called in for the right role. For example if you submit a edgy professional headshot for a best friend role. You will not be right for the role.

5) Why shoot with a professional headshot photographer and not with a friend who got a new camera.

It is nice that a friend would shoot you for free but they will not know all the subtleties of a headshot and what casting directors are looking for.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope this helps.

If you would like a personal free consultation specific to your needs please call (310) 739-6366

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